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We are delighted to have the ability to give you an instant online valuation on your property by entering some basic details through the link above.

As you can imagine in order to give you a completely accurate price we would need to visit the property and discuss some of the fundamental factors which determine the value that this formulae can’t use.

Please feel free to use the instant valuation tool as a guide on what the property might be worth, or call us to arrange a free no obligation market appraisal to discuss what we can do for you and ascertain a more accurate valuation and market appraisal. If you are wondering who we and why we continue to sell across Bournemouth and Poole then here is some more insight below.

Why Choose Christopher Shaw to sell your property?

With Bournemouth so competitive with Estate Agents it can be a complicated process to choose your agent, who has the strongest online presence, best fee, biggest client database etc. While all those points are valid often it is the people that you deal with that make the difference, no amount of tech, budget fees or shiny suits can sell your property if the attitude and desire of the selling team fall below what your property demands.

Here at Christopher Shaw we are all about people, we like to build relationships, work with our clients who in turn recommend us to their friends and family. When we build those relationships our desire to sell your property is equal to seeing you achieve your dream move or maximum price rather than what fee you are paying us, the fee comes later but that is not our driving force. You will be able to work with the same staff throughout the process with one person chasing your sale through the whole way to completion. We work closely with conveyancers that respond to our questions, and appreciate the deadlines which are often imposed because of complicated chains, often this can be a vital aspect of selling your property, the hard work truly starts once a sale is agreed, this is where the difference between cheap fee and getting sold are distinguished.

I'm sure you still would like to know what we can offer you as well as a friendly ambitious hard working team, of course we invest heavily in technology and we believe we are one of the cutting edge Estate Agencies in Bournemouth and Poole, below let us show you the different tools we use to get you sold!


Professional Photography

Most agencies quote professional photography so your first reaction would be " but so does everyone" but we do actually pay and hire an independent photographer to come and photograph your property with all the bells and whistles. This is where we need your help to dress your property for the one day so that the best possible images can be taken. If you would like to see samples of his handy work then go view our company Instagram where we post properties and pictures weekly.


Town Centre Location

Our Town Centre location cannot be understated when we say this really does expose you to the whole market. By being situated in the heart of Bournemouth with hundreds of thousands of walk past visitors annually you get far more exposure than an agency based within a residential postcode. Our client base covers from Southbourne to Poole Town Centre and anywhere inbetween. Our flagship custom designed office mixes a open casual work space, customer coffee & tea bar with a friendly relaxed environment.  


Online Exposure

Office Location is one thing, online presence is another... with most buyers struggling to find time to view your property during traditional working hours, the evenings when they are home relaxing is a vital moment to attract interest. Your property needs to be a visible as possible, we are long standing members of Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location as well as a family of smaller sites designed to get you interest 24/7. We are now also signed up to On the Market which ensures no stone is left unturned. Combine with our professional images covered earlier,  clear floorplans and key features on all of our adverts your potential buyers are well informed before they even pick up the phone.