When letting your property, you naturally want your property to look its best, but how far should you go in terms of presentation?
Firstly, aim to understand how your property “sits” within the market. Not all tenants have the same criteria, so walk through the house with your letting agent to identify your property’s strengths and weaknesses. Look through the eyes of a typical likely tenant, and consider what aspects could be improved to enhance your chances of letting to that person.
For example, it may be that your property is in generally good condition, but the carpets let it down. Whilst you could take account of this in the rent, new, or professionally cleaned, carpets can transform the presentation of a property and appeal to a tenant who might otherwise be put off. However, if your property is in need of general updating, a new carpet could be a waste of money unless combined with an overall improvement in the presentation.
A tenanted property can sometimes experience harder wear and tear than an owner-occupied one, and a new tenant will always prefer to “make it their own” rather than simply taking over from the last tenant.  So a simple coat of paint can generally do wonders and need not be expensive.
Additionally, a tenant who moves into a fresh, clean, well-presented, newly-redecorated property, knowing they need to return it one day in the same condition, is more likely to look after it more carefully, and even stay longer. A tenant with a sense of pride is generally a good tenant. We like good tenants! So do our clients!

Virtual Viewings Explained....

Virtual viewings have been around for a long time, however it has only been since the start of 'lockdown' that they have become a vitally important tool in marketing your property.

A virtual viewing, can either be a video call via apps like Zoom or WhatsApp or can be a fixed recording on a smartphone and uploaded to property portals for applicants to browse.

Although the government have now allowed agents to go back to work, they have encouraged virtual viewings 'wherever possible' so is now considered the first step to securing a tenant or buyer, and may even be the difference in them deciding to proceed with their application.

Watch our video below to find out more....

Top Tips for recording Virtual Viewings 

  • Record all virtual viewings in landscape mode.
  • Keep recordings around a minute - showing off each room. If that's not possible talk to your agent to work out the best rooms to show off.
  • Tidy beforehand. Make sure the house looks clean and presentable, hide any valuable or personal belongings you don't want on camera.
  • Turn off any unnecessary artificial lighting.
  • Plan your route around the property so an applicant can view it in the best possible light.

There also plenty of other professional options which are available, such as 360 video tours, talk to us to discuss your own personal needs and how to maximise your rental return on 01202 554470.