Finding a buyer for a property is only part of our job. Our work isn’t finished until your sale completes and the keys are handed to the new owners.  Once we’ve accepted an offer on your property, we work really hard to progress the sale as smoothly and as quickly as possible; keeping you updated throughout. 

This part of the process is called sales progression.  It’s not simple and it’s crucial to ensuring that your sale goes through.  Good sales progression can be the difference between a completion and a fall through and it can help you move, faster.  

We take sales progression seriously which is why we’ve invested in award winning software called mio.  mio ensures we know exactly what’s happening with each sale we manage and that we stay on top of all the things that need doing between offer agreed and completion.  It keeps us on track and keeps your sale on track. 

mio also provides you with a home moving app which automatically updates as your sale progresses.  The in-app chat messaging also ensures you can contact us quickly and conveniently wherever you are and wherever we are.  

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