Do you know your rental property's EPC rating? If not you probably should find out as from 2025, the minimum EPC rating for rental properties will change from E to C which in some cases can be quite a jump.

The last significant change took place in 2018, when a minimum threshold of E band for rented properties was introduced. Some properties were allowed exemption status, but that changed in April 2020 when it became a legal requirement for ALL rented properties to meet the E standard.

This caused a big shake up at the time with some landlords having to spend thousands of pounds to bring their properties to standard (does this sound familiar?). This will be set to happen again in the build up to 2025, with the clock already ticking. 

To explain the new requirements and what to do to prepare yourself if your property is below the threshold, we caught up with Energy Assessor, Craig Bowling from VeriSmart, whose best advise is to act now!   

Craig also joined us with his Legionella Risk Assessor hat on as well to explain one to the trickiest areas of compliance to understand. Craig helps raise awareness of this and explain what landlords need to know in relation to their risks and responsibilities.

What Landlords need to know about Legionella in rented properties....
Health and Safety Executive guidance states:

“Landlords who provide residential accommodation, as the person in control of the premises, have a legal duty to ensure the risk of exposure of tenants to legionella is properly assessed and controlled.” 

“They also either need to understand or appoint somebody competent who knows how to identify and assess sources of risk and prevent and control any risks.” 

Expert guest Craig Bowling explains more below....

EPC Update - Changes are coming in 2025 for Landlords. Is your property ready?
The new minimum threshold for EPC's will be C band from 2025. Watch our video below to find out more.

Top tips to improve EPC ratings -
*Upgrade to LED lightbulbs - one of the easiest changes to make!
*Insulate your property - one of the most impactful upgrades can be made via the roof, or cavity insulation,
*Double Glazing - if your property is not double glazed this will have a significant impact on your rating.
*Look at more efficient/modern boiler or heating system.

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