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Christopher Shaw has been working with homeowners in the Bournemouth and Poole area for over 10 years. Our local knowledge combined with our high-quality service has helped thousands of people to buy and sell property with ease – and we’d love to help you do the same.

We understand that selling your home can feel stressful, so we do everything we can to mitigate the hassle and worry, providing a truly tailored and end-to-end service that focuses on your complete satisfaction at every stage.

Why use Christopher Shaw?

Our thorough approach, attention to detail and honest, transparent advice has earned us a fantastic reputation as one of the leading estate agents in the Bournemouth and Poole area.

We promise to take care of you throughout the entire sales journey, offering exceptional support and a professional but friendly approach at all times.

Here are some more great reasons to choose us as your property partner:

  • In-depth and up-to-date local market knowledge
  • Proven track record of sales and lettings success
  • Experienced staff.
  • Tailored advice, flexible service
  • Targeted advertising via all major property portals
  • Extensive database of contacts and potential buyers
  • Full property redress through our PRS membership.

We also guarantee:

  • Free, no-obligation and realistic valuations
  • High quality marketing assets to promote your property in the best possible light
  • Eye-catching sales boards to draw attention to your home
  • Flexible service levels to suit your specific needs
  • Competitive pricing, with no hidden extras

If you’d like to speak directly to a member of our sales team, please contact us at or by calling us on 01202 554470 for an informal chat.

Preparing Your Property to Sell

Did you know that it takes just 15 seconds for most buyers to form an opinion of your home? From the moment they step through the door, you need to make sure that you’re creating the best possible impression of your property.

Of course, the first thing buyers will see is your property’s exterior, so make sure your lawn is cut, your pathways are clear and clean, and your hedges or borders are well-tended.

Here’s our quick guide to some easy and affordable improvements that will help to maximise your home’s sale potential.

  1. Basic DIY – broken or worn fixtures and fittings draw the eye, so get out your toolbox and attend to any obvious repair requirements. Look out for cracked tiles, damaged doorknobs, loose cupboards and other signs of wear.
  2. Spring cleaning – whatever the season, give your house a top-to-toe spring clean. Grubby grouting, lime-scale that leaves your bathroom and kitchen lacking lustre, mouldy or loose seals and staining should all be addressed.
  3. Maximise space – a cluttered room looks smaller and messy, so put anything you don’t need into storage, or arrange for us to take your photographs over two days, so you can move things between rooms. If you have a tenant living in your property, sweeten them up with the offer of a rent-free day to encourage them to tidy up.
  4. Odours and allergies – strong smells such as cooking, tobacco smoke and pet-related odours can quickly put some buyers off, so make sure you air and refresh the atmosphere prior to viewings. Running around with a vacuum is also a good idea if you own pets – you never know when a buyer may have an allergy!
  5. Creating a ‘homely’ space – don’t strip your home of all personality: you want buyers to experience that ‘I could live here’ moment. Create a welcoming and cosy environment, and if the property is currently empty, the often surprisingly reasonable investment in a home staging service can add genuine value, especially in fast-moving markets where property sells fast.
  6. Special touches – clever use of candles, flowers and mirrors can maximise light, minimise odours and create a ‘feel good factor’. Cater for visitors – if you’re holding an open day, consider laying on some sandwiches, snacks and soft drinks to create a positive impression and help the buyers relax – it can also help to keep the kids on-side too! Just leave everything laid out, head off for the day, and we’ll play both agent and host for you.
  7. Comfortable temperature – sending potential buyers into a fiery furnace or turning them into shivering wrecks is never a good thing, so make sure you keep your property at a comfy temperature – and set your heating system accordingly if your property is empty.
  8. Quick decorating wins – freshen up tired spaces with a lick of paint, especially in areas that are likely to draw attention such as your entrance hall. It’s also worth examining your front door to see if it needs repainting or a thorough wash-down. If you’re happy to do the work yourself, then great – but if not, a decorator won’t charge much for small projects.
  9. Don’t forget the garden – deal with any overgrown areas, store clutter in your shed or garage (if you have one) and remove or repair any potential hazards, such as broken paving or loose bricks.
  10. Fit for purpose – to help buyers imagine living in your space, ensure each room is organised according to its intended purpose, even if that means clearing piles of paperwork from your dining room, or exercise equipment from a spare bedroom.